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8 Ways the daily lives of sysadmins changed in the 2010s

Looking back on the last decade of Information Technology, it seems that, in a lot of ways, the 2010s was a period of consolidation and delivering on all the flashy and exciting new tech promised in the early 2000s. Technology that was either far-fetched or ridiculously expensive – and in many cases, both – became more accessible and affordable in the 2010s. Faster processing speeds, disproportionate increments in network speeds, and more affordable mini-computers brought about all-encompassing changes in the IT world. And, of course, all these changes drastically altered the daily life of system administrators. So let's take a look at some of them!

Database monitoring and ways to find out if your server had a blue-screen

Have you always wanted to know something about Database monitoring? Did you ever want to find out if your server had blue-screens? Well, lucky you.

PRTG Release 19.4.54 includes two brand-new sensors for disk and storage

A new PRTG release, new sensors and lots of new information for you. Take a look at version 19.4.54 together with me.

Network streaming telemetry: Monitoring in “real-time”

When talking about network monitoring, most people think of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) or WMI (Windows Measurement Instrumentation). But what is the difference and aren't the two protocols already outdated?

Trust HOMEr

It's not really surprising that smart speakers can be a gateway into your own four walls, exploited by people who don't really belong there. We tried to find a solution for this on Maker Monday.

Monitoring Certificates and Availability of Devices

Video release day is a happy day for us. And today we are happy to the power of two. Below you find two educational and insightful videos.

Join the public BETA of BitDecoder - Easy translation of IoT data into visual formats

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you have most likely already read about BitDecoder. The foundation of BitDecoder is our partnership with Sigfox, a provider of a global IoT network using low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology. Sigfox technology is embedded in license-free radio modules that enable objects to connect to that global IoT network. The idea behind the partnership is to use PRTG Network Monitor to monitor data from Sigfox-ready devices.

Processing of Personal Data by Companies: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

You work in the IT department of a reasonably large company. Good for you! Wait... What was that? You are also responsible for processing and maintaining personal data of customers, partners and employees? Well... 🤦‍♂️

PRTG Release 19.4.53 brings version 2 of the SNMP Fujitsu System Health Sensor

PRTG release 19.4.53 has been available in our stable channel for a few days now. Take some time and find out what's new in this version.

Really Understanding MQTT

MQTT is as sexy as it sounds. It's an open OASIS and ISO standard lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices. The protocol usually runs over TCP/IP - however, any network protocol that provides ordered, bi-directional connections can support MQTT.

How We Saved 10 Terabytes of Disk Space Using Windows ReFS with Veeam (Including Script)

…and how we monitor our whole backup environment with PRTG Network Monitor.

A Probable Future: How We Pursue New Markets Without Neglecting the Now

As CTO of a monitoring company that has become successful in the classic IT sector, I face many challenges. Some recurring questions: How can we at Paessler transfer over 20 years of experience in network monitoring to future technological developments, especially the Internet of Things? Which overall goals, milestones and methods should I introduce from a management perspective? And what specific opportunities do I see for Paessler?

PRTG Enterprise Console EOL – Switch to PRTG Desktop Now

In the spring of this year, PRTG Desktop left the beta stage and has been available for everyone since then.

How to Use the New WMI Battery Sensor of PRTG

Is your PRTG installation already up to date? If not, that's a bummer, because in this case, you won't be able to enjoy the new WMI Battery sensor that we introduced with the 19.3.52 release.

Monitoring a Terrarium With PRTG

This is Merlin, a 6-year-old corn snake. He lives in a terrarium in a home in Switzerland, where he's taken care of by Patrick and his wife. Generally, even though corn snakes are relatively easy to care for (making them ideal pet snakes), Patrick—being an electrical engineer—had a compulsion to do something geeky with the terrarium. He eventually decided on measuring the temperature and humidity in the terrarium remotely. Here's the story of how he came up with a solution involving PRTG Network Monitor.